Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) is a public university founded on 1974 on the idea of innovation.


With a strong link to our social environment, our flexibility has helped us maintain our place in the vanguard of higher education.

We offer 80 undergraduate
and 108 graduate programs

UAM has over 52,800 students

(In Calli Ixcahuicopa in Nahuatl)

Is the University's motto.


Our motto and logo synthesizes the idea that UAM is a flexible, open, changing University, and that from solid roots we strive for the future.

  • UAM has been committed to sustainability for more than a decade.
  • In 1974, UAM was the first Mexican university to offer an undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering.
  • Both Master's and Doctoral degrees have been offered in this area for over a decade.
  • Today, several of the academic divisions have sustainability degrees and research within a multidisciplinary perspective

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